A register of lawyers who wish to offer voluntary pro bono services through the programme is being compiled.

The criteria for admission to the register will be the possession of an annual professional license, a minimum of two years of experience in the profession and the existence of a clean disciplinary record.

A register is also drawn up of law firms that encourage or facilitate their lawyers to take part in the programme and thus contribute to the effort themselves.

When registering in the register, each lawyer will indicate the field(s) of law in which he/she is available to offer his/her pro bono services.

A referral to a network Lawyer will be made by the service centers. The referral will be made when the Beneficiaries need specialized services from a Lawyer (that is, beyond the initial guidance that will be given in the centers) or when there is a need for representation in Court or for mediation. The actual costs (stamps) will be borne by the beneficiaries themselves. In the future, an effort will be made in consultation with the competent bodies to have either an exception or a special arrangement for reduced costs.

Lawyers who will undertake the processing of cases without a fee, are not allowed to undertake any case for a fee from that client in the future for a period of 4 years.

Referral to network Lawyers will follow a series, rotating based on each area of ​​law. There will be control and supervision by the organisation regarding the number of cases sent to each Lawyer.