KDDO Cyprus Network Justice for All is registered with the Registrar of Companies under Registration Number: HE 433436 as a non-profit Company by guarantee, without share capital and is registered as a charitable organization, in accordance with the Charities Law.

The founding members of the organisation are KP Platform Justice for All (an organisation which is also a non-profit, by guarantee, without share capital). The President of the Cyprus Bar Association (CBA), the Vice-President of the CBA and the Secretary of the CBA.

The main purpose of the organisation is to establish, operate and supervise a programme to provide free access to legal guidance and free legal representation by registered Lawyers to Beneficiaries.

The programme will operate in two pillars:

  1. Through service centres (one in each province), where a lawyer will offer free legal guidance to beneficiaries. The lawyer will be a partner of the network and will contract with him through a Service Purchase Agreement.
  2. Through lawyers who will voluntarily register in a special register and will be able from their offices to offer legal representation without remuneration (pro bono).

Beneficiaries for both parts of the programme will only be people who are not covered by the Legal Aid Law and who are recipients of Minimum Guaranteed Income. In other words, we want to meet the needs of people who are currently not clients of any lawyer because they do not have the basics, and they certainly cannot afford to go to a lawyer.

The service centres will be housed in existing Municipal buildings of the Municipalities.

The programme "Cyprus Justice Network for All" is hosted at the Centre of Social Solidarity and Networking "TO STEKI" which is located in the renovated Municipal Building of the Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation at Perikleous Street., Postal Code: 1010, Nicosia (passing of Rigainis).